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Whiting Lane ELC Team

Amy Alexander

Occupational Therapist

Crystal Ashe

PreKindergarten Teacher

Hannah Brown

Speech and Language Pathologist

Melissa Cook

Department Supervisor of Pupil Services for Early Learning Centers, Whiting Lane, & PreKindergarten at COIA/WebHill/Smith

Elizabeth Cronin

Speech and Language Teacher

Monique Delaney

Physical Therapist

Marsha Doyle


Patti Ducoff

Speech and Language Pathologist

Desiree Johndrow

Unified Sports Teacher

Sarah Kilguss

PreKindergarten Teacher

Monica LaCroix

School Psychologist

Megan Murray

Pre-K SE Teacher

Jenna O'Rourke

Speech and Language Pathologist

Jacqueline Poswinski

PreKindergarten Teacher

Laura Preston

ELC Teacher

Jillian Sarnelli

Speech and Language Pathology Assistant

Denise Savignano

Lead Secretary for the Early Learning Centers at Whiting Lane and Aiken

Katherine Stevens

Paraprofessional ELC